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  S A N D R A * C L I F T O N

l i f e  c o a c h i n g

". . . dwell in possibility." 

                                   -emily dickinson

Clifton Coaching : A Journey of Authenticity

"And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new

and trust the magic of new beginnings."

-Meister Eckhart

  Tenets of Positive Psychology

                       Sparking Hope

          The Art of Simplicity

                     Embracing the Process

    Celebrating Neurodiversity

                         Uniquely Designed

Coaching focuses on strengths...

and it can change your whole trajectory.

Gain Clarity Midst the Inner & Outer Chaos


Gain a supportive "sounding board" to hear who you really are and help discern what you want to become...

Set Attainable Goals


Everyone needs a cheerleader who will celebrate the "baby steps" and be there during the inevitable frustrations and delays.

Navigate with Confidence


The curriculum of life has no textbook, but you can create a plan that will be your ongoing map to chart an authentic adventure.

Improve Communication


Everyone deserves to be heard but sometimes it takes a little courage to explore what matters most in order to find your true voice...

Client Testimonial

What jewels will you find that are waiting to be discovered?

I have a whole new relationship with hope.

 -C. R. , Client from My Wellbeing

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