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What kind of journey are you taking?

Coaching can help you chart your course with increased courage, fresh conviction and renewed confidence.

Gifted Adults ~

Existential angst and loneliness can haunt adults who are multi​-potentialities due to ​challenges of imposter syndrome, anxiety and masked frustration.

Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)

This biological trait can be both a keen superpower--and a significant struggle. Gain insight about how to manage the many facets of your eclectic profile.

Perfectionism & Procrastination...

Both sides of the coin can be at play ​with individuals who have high standards: learn strategies to take risks and move forward with resilient faith. . .

Executive Function & Life/Balance

Organization is the foundation for solid progress--but sometimes we just need someone to help us with consistent focus and compassionate accountability.

ADHD & Cognitive Diversity

Individuals who are neurodivergent can experience increased anxiety--it's time to gain appreciation for your gifts and learn to leverage your strengths!

Inspiration & Intuition: Creatives

Whether you are wanting to write, shape art, change careers or launch a whole new venture--creatives have something special to offer the world...Let's bring your vision to life ~

Your individualized coaching journey will begin with a session each week, for a three-month tour. . .

"May you realize that the shape of your soul is unique,

that you have a special destiny here,

that behind the facade of your life

there is something beautiful and eternal happening.​"

                                                                       -John O'Donohue, Solitude

Ready to take your journey?

Schedule your complimentary consult with Sandra today.

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